Journal #004: Progress – and then some

Made quick progress the past couple weeks on the novella and finally got down to five chapters left. That’s easy to complete in a couple more days if I put all my energy into it.
Might have been able to blog my progress last week, but no, a headache marched in and sat down in the brain for a few days. And then I couldn’t write.
NOTE TO SELF: always write at least for a whole one hour. Even with a throbbing headache. Then I’ll collapse. Or else it’ll be hard to get back on schedule because I’ve forgotten what I wanted to put in the chapter.

Journal #003: Novella Written!

I made it. I finished the first draft of my novella!

The story is called the Lazy Man’s Trap – working title, but I’m tempted to keep it and maybe I will – and it’s a mystery story! I think I did fluff it up too much with jargon, though.

Right, perhaps I should explain now that the whole time I was working on Madness, I’ve also been busy with this novella, and I wanted it done. Two books. I always thought that I could work on two, because that was how I functioned back three years ago, writing three projects at a time and finding it rather easy. Recently, I’ve found myself working on one for a period of time, then switching projects for another period of time, then doubling back again. It’s funny, because I also realized that lately, I’ve been struggling by working on multiple projects.

Not to worry, I’m still going to post chapters of Madness here, this is an update on my novella – technically, it also belongs right here.

Journal #002: What I’ll Do Next Year

I’m not the best at keeping my resolutions. This year, I managed one only recently: to take better care of myself, which I’m sometimes tempted to drop because it feels tedious.

There was NaNoWriMo, too. I managed to reach 30,000 words, but at least it was better than last month, where I barely made it past ten thousand if I remember correctly.  And at least I participated towards the last day! XD

Oh, plotting is a new skill of mine that I hope to improve next year because I’ve always been a pantser, so plotting stories is going to be something new to take on because I’m not fond of it. Sure, I write excessively long descriptions of my character during writing the novel and that satisfies me, but using outlines and growing them is not so fun because you feel like all the work you went through plotting it just goes to waste when you don’t follow the plot of a particular chapter and that changes how the entire story goes. That’s the problem with plotting, for me.

The end of this year is really busy because I’m working on three deadlines spanning across four months, and I’ve just made a list of all the things I want to do over the first six months of next year. I see a lot of things to work on, and a list of things I want to do.

And at the end of those six months, I hope to finally have a holiday and finally earn myself a good rest because I’ve struggled so much the past few years it’s better to get those things over with than let it stretch out.

Right, books. Reading. I want to read more books than I did this year. Preferably non-fiction.

And that’s just an inkling of what I hope to accomplish next year. I’d considered putting down a list of what I want to do, but I think I might not in the end.


Journal #001: NaNoWriMo I will write

By nature, I tend to compile a long checklist of things to do in a day – which usually means, I overestimate how much I can do, so there’s usually more than half the tasks finished when I end the day. It always never feels like I finish because most of the tasks on this checklist usually would take me at most two or so days.

Tomorrow, the first of November, will be the start of a slightly more hectic time of the year. I will do NaNoWriMo and promise myself that this year, this year, I will hit my word count and complete the draft within the month, averaging at least 2000 words a day for the draft. At the same time, I will need to hit at least 500 words, or at most 1000 for a novella I plan to publish soon, called the Lazy Man’s Trap – though I think the title suits a non-fiction book than a fiction novella. To keep track of writing, I’m posting the chapters of my NaNoWriMo draft here when I complete each chapter.

But of all the months of this year, November is usually the busiest. Two drafts, plenty of research for both projects,  a trip to the beach. I need to bake a large cake, too, because this month marks both my dad and brother’s birthday – and I’m in charge of the cake. Not complaining because it’s fun to bake, but that might be one whole day off of writing because most of the day is spent researching how to make it better than my last cake besides the baking part, and I’m an amateur at making the frosting.

I count another day off because I may or may not be going to an auto show with my brother. My brother loves cars, is a mechanic, and lives his life on them. That depends on whether our dad agrees to drive us over because neither of us got our driving licenses yet, so it’s a possibility, not set in stone.

OH, YES, BLOGGING. I’ve passed most of the year with just ten posts here. I’ve been lazy I’m anxiety-prone, so it’s always hard to show myself to the world, even to just be open. And lazy because I tend to write long posts.

So to try to get back to the reason why I created this blog, I will add something new to it: journalling. It’ll be numbered like the above, and it’ll be stuff about my daily life, how I’m doing with writing, and – while I plan it to be weekly, I think I’ll have it pop up as random. I’m a random person, so maybe random. This was random, too, because I just realized that in the history of my blog, I’ve not written a single personal post except in the About page.

All in all, I made up my mind that my priority this month will be to take it easy on work so I don’t fry my brain. If there’s anything I’ve noticed that I’m prone to this year, it’s an increase in headaches, that I burn myself out to the point that I need a break for longer than a week and then it’s hard to get myself back into writing, and that I am becoming increasingly absent-minded that I forget what I was writing an hour ago.


The Castle of Gears

Hey! Guess it’s been a bit of a long time since I last posted. Then again, the real life always has the habit of getting in your way when you want to get something done.

So to get myself back into blogging, I’ll be writing a short serial of chapters to a story with the above title. Rough drafts have been finished, all that’s left is to edit it, and it’s set in the same background as the earlier two short stories on this blog: the world of the Gremlins, steampunk and mystery.

Unlike those short stories, though, they’re written in the point of view of the one they call the Horologii Gremlin, Ethaon Haldier. Yes, he will be the protagonist…not to mention, I just remembered that there are other short stories in the same setting that will require my attention sooner or later.

Oh, well! Guess I’ll finish them soon.

Truth be told, this was to clear my head and make way for a new project for NaNoWriMo. Last year, I don’t think I managed to reach my goal in time, so this year, I’m going to have to put in more effort.

Expect the first chapter of the Castle of Gears to come up in the next post, which will come – actually, I have no idea when. But it’ll come when it’s done!